about me

Glad to meet you, and welcome to the Glad Blog!

Why the Glad Blog?

My name is Gillian Ladley, aka Gladley, hence the Glad Blog!

What is the Glad Blog?

This is my personal blog about life as a British lady in rural America.  
About life as an expat.
About life as a fish out of water.
About my fascination for Americana, and my nostalgia for Old Blighty.
About the adventures of an Old World girl in the New World.

What is the story so far? 

I'm a Brit. I was born in England and grew up in Scotland.
My husband was born and bred in Pennsylvania.
We met as grad students in Glasgow.
We got engaged, lived long-distance for several years, got married, and eventually I got my US Green Card. Now we get to have our adventures together!

Tell me more about yourself!

I'm a polite twenty-something British lady with big hair and a funny turn of phrase.
I like lime pickle with my curry, 80% dark chocolate, and tweed skirts. I'm a terrible baker but I do try.
I love smart television, trashy television, and all sorts of innovative media and culture. For more on that, go here.

How should I read?

Any way you like! Hop right in, read by theme, or read from the start.

To read about the nuts and bolts of the marriage visa process, this is a good place to start.
Feel free to comment/ask advice/offer advice about immigration and expat life. It's a tough journey, but I'm glad I'm doing it, and I'm happy to offer support to other couples.

To read from when I wrapped up my UK life and moved over to the USA, start here. This is also where I started to add more photos and switched from UK to US English. Please ignore any inconsistencies in UK/US English!

Most photos are taken on a Canon 350D (like most amateurs, I suspect) which I bought second-hand from a friend. I do try to take everything in manual as I'm trying to learn more.

Why Glad Blog? Find out here


  1. oh dear God - your section on the marriage/visa process is making me cry. but THANK YOU for writing it all up! it's a huge help.

    1. I'm glad it's helpful - visa journeys are tough but worth it. If you ever have any questions just give me a buzz.

  2. Hey I found your via BBN and I am really glad I did. I am currently going through the whole excruciating visa process too. And it's my second time packing up and leaving a country (for different reasons).

    Anyway, I have a feeling I will be frequenting your blog. I'm glad I found it.


    1. I just found this message as Blogger thought it was spam - thanks for commenting and I'll see you here, on your blog, or on BBN sometime ;)

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