Saturday, 24 December 2011

Early Christmas present

Our immigration story arrived in New Hampshire from California. New Hampshire seems like a much more festive place to be over Christmas than sunny CA, and that's where our life story will be for a wee while yet.

Just as our last update was in time for Thanksgiving, this was a nice treat to hear the night before Christmas, although it does mean we received a bill to pay. It's a Christmas gift with strings attached!

Mr is over here in Scotland, which means Queen's Speech Bingo of course, along with his new favourite seasonal delicacy:

"What are these delicious things?"

"That's a sausage, wrapped in bacon."

"Two kinds of meat? That is amazing! Wait, what's that on the turkey?"

"That's a turkey, with bacon on top."


Who'd have thunk it, but every day is a whole new cultural experience with us.

It's been six months since we got to spend any time together, and that was for our wedding and honeymoon. We've had a tough year (although getting married was a highlight!) topped off most recently by me having my wallet stolen last week. That was a small inconvenience in comparison, but a total pain just before Christmas. We're taking it easy over the holidays, heading down to London by train to see family, and catching a sleeper train back for a super-quiet new year in my little Scottish hamlet. We're not entirely sure yet, but this could be the last time we spend together for another six months, and by then I could be over there and our visa journey will be over (sort of).

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