Monday, 25 June 2012

The Dog

Meet Penndexter, she's a rude dawg!*

She's Mark's dog. But she loves me more!

*Incidentally, I showed this to Mark and he questioned why it was based in LA but Rude Dog is obviously a gangster from NY. As a young kid I clearly hadn't noticed this. Also, we discovered that as kids neither of us paid attention to whether a show or cartoon was from the UK or the USA. Except the Rug Rats, which I thought was an accurate depiction of childhood in the US.

If you're interested, apparently the amazing Dream Stone was actually British and Mark had never heard of it. He'd also never heard of Geordie Racer. I'd never heard of Reading Rainbow (and he, Rainbow). I'd also never heard of The Halloween Tree or the dubious Liberty's Kids, which I noticed actually came out in 2002. Mark says it's still "an awesome show."

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  1. Um, Penndexter is ridic! What a cute smoosh. I think she and Ru would get along fabulously. :P