Friday, 13 July 2012

Still here!

Every morning when I get up and head downstairs, I'm greeted by the most excited pooch in the world. 
You're still here!
Bulldogs can't wag their tales, so she shakes her butt and runs around in circles, as if to say "OMG, you're still here!" 

I try to remind her that I ain't going anywhere, but every night she forgets and every morning we have this overexcited reunion. As I said before, it took a while for Mark and I to realize that I'm not on holiday. For the first few days one of us would say "if we have time, can we do such-and-such?" before remembering that we have all the time in the world to do activities together. It was a funny and pleasant realization.
Mark's family's secret cookie recipe. I'm afraid I cannot divulge.
But I can divulge the summer sausage roll recipe.
Now, I'm glad to say, it just feels like normal. I don't wake up and run around in circles shouting "OMG, I'm still here!" anymore - even if the dog does.

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