Thursday, 23 August 2012

Stuff wot I brought with me 3 - wedding trinkets

This is probably a no-brainer for expats emigrating on a spouse visa: wedding trinkets. But how much to pack?

It had been a mad, frantic, wedding day, and the next morning we'd woken up with bags of stuff, everywhere.

After a wedding there are things that don't last, such as the flowers, the favors, the cake(s), some of the small funny memories of the day.

And there are things that do last: the paperwork, the invitations, the pictures, the clothing, the feelings, and well, the marriage.

Mark took our wedding album, from our amazo photographer Nikki, to the USA via hand luggage. Although the boxes I shipped turned up perfectly thanks to careful packing, lots of parcel tape, and mountains of bubble wrap, I did not want to trust such a precious thing to sea or air.

The dress remains in the UK. But that's another story altogether.

What did you do with your wedding trinkets? And what did you do with your dress!?


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  2. My dress is hanging in a closet in my moms idea what to do with it!

    <3 Daryl
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    1. Haha, my dress is doing the same, although because my mum made it I'd love her to alter it into a regular evening dress (not sure I could still fit in it though).

  3. I recently moved to Chile from Canada about 6 months ago, and trying to pack our life up in a couple of suitcases was hard, especially when i realized that i had forgotten my wedding album. It's safe at my in-laws but it's still something that i wish i had with me.

    1. I really feel for you, hopefully you'll be reunited with your album soon enough. It's one of those 'save in a fire' items, for sure.