Thursday, 30 August 2012

Stuff wot I brought with me 4 - The Moon

Yes. The moon.

Before heading to these American shores I was given a few leaving presents from close friends and family, including the heart home bracelet from my mum. My dad gave me the moon.

Last night's moon - the same old moon
I am terrible at keeping in touch with my friends and family. Sometimes when things aren't going so well in my new life, I'm scared to let people know in case they think I 'failed'. And even when things are going well I forget about the time zone and by the time 6pm rolls around I know it's 11pm back in the UK and I missed my chance. At least when I was the one in the UK, and my husband was here in the USA, I could stay up later to match his evening (if you're in a long distance relationship don't do this - it leads to bad nights of sleeplessness and fatigue at work).

Then the moon comes out and I remember the gift from my Dad: It's the same moon around the world.

Yes, it's corny, but I brought the moon with me. It's the same old moon I'm used to seeing: I'm not so far away!

And to my friends and family - sorry, and let's Skype soon.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog via the BBN and just had to drop a comment because I moved from Hertfordshire to Phoenix recently and am feeling a little out of sorts!!

    I must say I terribly miss Strawberries and Cream and Roast Dinners every Sunday and I feel EXACTLY the same way you do in terms of "failing". Every SKype conversation I have is all positive, I don't like to admit that I miss people or am missing home incase I don't appear as "strong" as I think I am to my family.

    Werid huh?

    Anywho, I'd love to chat with you about all things post Britain, if you can drop me a line through email or on my blog :)

    Nicole |
    My email is listed in my Google Profile :)