Friday, 21 September 2012

Happy Friday! (from afar)

I don't usually do this kind of post, but I want to give my best wishes to one of my Uni girlfriends who is getting married today.

I'm so excited and happy for you!
Red purse brigade?
…and so sad I'm not there to see you in your fabulous dress and all your splendo(u)r.

Yeah, yeah. I know I made the decision to marry an American and move out here to the back of beyond, USA. But I do feel sad whenever I miss something big in the lives of my friends and family back home, er back in my old home. I've been invited to weddings, missed births and birthdays and parties. But I'm celebrating from afar, you bet I am, even if I'm in my PJs, drinking too much filter coffee for breakfast and cleaning up bulldog vomit (what the hell did the dog eat!?).

I'm always there in spirit, and I'll be the annoying person who 'likes' all the event photos on Facebook afterwards. I think that's an expat's prerogative.

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