Monday, 1 October 2012

Glad Blog Octoberfest!

It's the Glad Blog Octoberfest!
It's about campfires and s'mores, cider (hard and soft), harvest and the smell of smoke in the air. It's about Halloween, putting on a sweater for the first time in the year, cuddling under blankets and walks through the crisp cold air. It's about Pumpkin. It's about October. It's the Glad Blog Octoberfest!

Please join me as I make and taste a s'more for the first time, try to attend every Fall Fest in the county, and experiment to find out the difference between a toffee apple (UK) and a candy apple (USA). October is a big deal out here in the country, and I'm wholeheartedly getting involved with this whole US Fall thing. This whole month the Glad Blog will be entirely devoted to the changing seasons and what it means for this corner of the world.

If there's anything I miss during Octoberfest, please let me know - I want to try everything and anything Fall related. I mean it!

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  1. I just discovered your blog and like you I am a Brit out of water, so to speak! We moved from the UK to Canada so Halloween is a different beast entirely! Glad to have found your blog!