Monday, 15 October 2012

Pumpkin Spice Flavored Pets

Since I heard the local radio went pumpkin-flavored, and every thing else under the October sun is seasoned with this festive mix of pumpkin spices, I'd like to announce that our English Bulldog has joined the fray:

An homage to the rural posters and leaflets advertising local Fall Fests
She's such a pumpkin butt, with Dracula teeth.

Incidentally, if you Google Image search "pumpkin bulldog" you get some amusing results.

Tomorrow I'll be back with tales of hay rides and pumpkin patches. Will the pumpkin madness never end?

blogtoberfest? Remember, it's the Glad Blog Octoberfest all this month, so please send me your own Fall themed posts - I'd love to feature my favorites. Bonus points if you feature pumpkin related activities or products, local Fall Fests, or fun traditions I haven't heard of.

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