Thursday, 27 December 2012

12 Days of Gladness: March

March 2012: Transitions - what's approaching around the corner?
March 2012 was a crazy month! I left my job to prepare for getting my US visa and for moving abroad, but two days later found myself on a train to London to work at the BBC for a month.

By this point I'd been living and working in the East Coast of Scotland for just over two years, and I had been separated from my husband for that long too. For six years prior to that I had lived in the West End of Glasgow, where I picked up two degrees, a whole bunch of great friends, some hilarious slang, and of course, a lovely American chappy.

When I moved back to the East Coast of Scotland after graduating I often spent weekends in Glasgow, meeting up with friends and reliving carefree days in my old stomping ground. This is a picture I took of the Glasgow subway, AKA the Clockwork Orange. Glasgow is very proud of its subway system, which comprises just one small ancient circular line. It has its own pub crawl game, the Glasgow subcrawl.

I used to live a short walk from Kelvinbridge and truly miss it.

Glasgow is a fantastic city, just check out this video from the Glasgow School of Art. Glasgow is home to beautiful art deco architecture and has amazing cultural and artistic heritage. It's also brash, a little rough around the edges, and home to some truly interesting individuals.

Now my closest city is Philadelphia, which is similarly artistic yet rough around the edges. Philly also houses beautiful art deco architecture, great arts and culture, and interesting - sometimes brash - individuals! Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Photo geekery: I took a few photos of the Glasgow subway this day in March. It was a true low-light challenge without a flash, but I think I did pretty well. The highest ISO on the 350D is 1600, and even then it's very grainy. Grainy suits Glasgow quite well, but in other low-light situations grainy pictures can be frustrating.

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