Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Supplements (and Sunday puppy too)

Sunday's sleeping puppy
Here's what we've been up to this week…



The State of the Union - A US democratic tradition, although to be fair, I was also paying a lot of attention to the Tweets and commentary. #nerdsuperbowl



Byker in the 1970s - For Brits in my generation Byker Grove was a cheesy kids show set in Northern English neighborhood. But these photos of Byker are a phenomenal peek into working class England, and are on display in New York until May.

Cough Syrup from 100 years ago -  Yeah, that would do the trick.



My day in Parliament - Recently I was invited to attend a session at the UK Parliament on the new UK immigration rules. For obvious reasons, I couldn't attend. Luckily however this attendee wrote an excellent account of the meeting. I promised I'd keep you up to date on this investigation.

The Artistic Rebuttal Project - This Philadelphia-based project is full of personal accounts of why the arts are so important. Nobody needs to defend the arts to me, I'm convinced already, but I love this concept.

Louise Mensch's fashion blog - Louse Mensch is a former UK Member of Parliament, a romance novelist, and now it seems she's giving fashion blogging a go. I'm actually not quite sure what to make of Ms Mensch, or this blog. Thoughts?

An anonymous letter to Maria Popova - Maria Popova curates the popular curiosity blog Brain Pickings. This week it was revealed that her 'ad-free' blog is full of affiliate ads. If you're a blogger, big or small, this is an important conversation to follow. I'm going to talk a lot more about this, so watch this space!

What have you imbibed this week? Let me know or link to your own Sunday round-ups - I love being introduced to articles and images that I overlooked.

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  1. I love - loved, now? - Brain Pickings, so that open letter was heartbreaking to read. I'd be fascinated to hear what you have to say, given your area of expertise!