Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Supplements (and Sunday puppy too)

She's obviously looking at cheese. Does your dog love cheese?



The Hunger Games (again) - Far less political than the book(s) but I still enjoy it.

The Oscars…? - I'm not sure I'll be watching tonight, but I'm just going to leave this Tweet from July here…


Urb-Ex photos of an abandoned Chinese theme park - One thing you should know about me is that I simply love photos of urban decay and urban exploration. I once lost a whole weekend to looking at photos of abandoned Japanese theme parks - Japan seemed to go theme park crazy during the economic boom and there are a whole host of empty parks in strange, remote places. These photos are from a place in Florida that blogger Yelle took.

Urb-Ex photos of an abandoned hospital near Philadelphia - This Philly local posts one photo a day on his Tumblr. Here's another from this week of a church mid-demolition.


Living in Harmony with your contradictions - a wonderfully honest piece by blogger Betsy, which resulted in some great comments/discussion.

With no shortcut to Green Card, gay couples leave the US - some US States may now allow gay marriage, but without federal recognition there's no immigration status for same-sex spouses. Additionally, the couple mentioned in the article moved to the UK before the new UK immigration rules came into force. Any later and they could have been stuck between the two countries.

Arianna Huffington renames Millennial generation as 'generation stressed' - As a millennial in the USA right now, I see Arianna's point, but we're not the only generation to have lived in a time of high unemployment or unrest. Arianna again makes her point about the need for good sleep, which I saw her make at the PA Women's Conference last year, and also before that in her short TED talk.

College Degree Becomes New High School Diploma - Just another article highlighting the difficulties millennials are facing. Can someone smarter than me tell me if US education loans could lead to another credit crunch?

and finally…
How I got my body ready for the Oscars - Ordinary person preps body for red carpet ceremony. Very interesting, very funny and very inspiring! These people look perfect because that's their full time job.

Tell me what you've been reading and looking at this week!

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  1. you share the most interesting links! no, I'm not just saying that because mine is in there - though thank you :P but REALLY. I read some of these when you tweeted them through the week and they're all worth a second read! the degree thing IS scary. a lot of universities are creating MA courses that are just cash cows because they can play on students' fears that a BA isn't enough! it's a whole horrible cycle, I think.