Monday, 18 March 2013

Disconnected: The end of an era for the BBC

Today was the last BBC News broadcast from the legendary Television Centre in London.

I've mentioned a couple of times just how much I have loved the BBC's Television Centre (TVC), namely here and here.

In a rarity for this blog, here are some fantastic images taken by a good friend of mine who works (yes, still works) in TVC. He's been doing a beautiful job of capturing the transition of TVC from the nucleus of British broadcasting to, well, a spooky technological relic. He kindly gave me permission to show you some of these photos, but make sure you check out the rest of them here.

TC10 gallery
The Gallery of TC 10 (Studio 10), which used to look like this.
TC 7 during its last news transmission, only you can't tell, because the studio sign has disappeared.
Don't miss out on his other photos here - they progress from 2006 right up until the last news broadcast today.

You can also watch TVC's last news broadcast here:

I grew up seeing this building on television, and even though I'm on the wrong side of the ocean, it's weird to think that British television will no longer be filmed within these cavernous studios set inside a giant doughnut.

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