Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday Supplements (and Sunday Puppy Too)

None of my links today are particularly Easter themed, except for these terrifying pictures. Expat Edna sent them my way after I asked the Tweet machine if the Easter Bunny is trying to elbow Santa Claus out of the gift-giving scene. The past week I've been meeting all these American parents who take their kids to "see" the Easter Bunny, who then "gives" the kids toys, DVDs and video games for Easter. Is this really a thing? I guess rolling eggs just isn't cool anymore.



Not Peeps - here in the USA peeps are an Easter themed marshmallow treat. They have zero flavor, and the fact that they triple their size in the microwave is still no reason to buy them.

Not Kinder Eggs - here in the USA I could take my underage brothers to a rifle range, but wouldn't be able to buy a Kinder Egg. If I even tried to smuggle them in to the USA I could face a $2,500 fine, and frankly with that money I'd prefer something a little fancier, say Faberge.

Not Choco Treasure - The problem with Kinder Eggs in the USA is the "non-nutritive embedded objective" inside (the toy! The best bit!). Some enterprising Americans have invented packaging that gets around the US legislation. But I haven't seen any of these for sale, plus we know that Americans suck at making chocolate anyway.



Wreck-it-Ralph - Let's just all admit this movie is not for kids, but for the older millennials who grew up with 8-bit video games. Some of whom now make animation, and some of whom now take their own young kids to see movies. I am in neither camp, but there you go.



Abandoned TastyKake Factory - TastyKake is Philly's preferred brand of commercialized cake. They were the local rival to Twinkies (when they existed).  You know how I love Urb-Ex photos, and Philly ones that at. Brilliant and eerie.

Fuck Yeah Brutalism - All the 1960s breeze block architecture you'd ever want to see.

Postcards from Google Earth - It's like those nightmares you have about being stuck in Sim City. Oh, you don't have those? Just me then?



How the Philly accent is changing - The Philadelphia accent is really weird. It makes sense when you think about Pennsylvania's place in the USA geographically and historically. It's the keystone state, the anchor between the North East and the South, and the accent has influences from both regions.

The Skimm - If you don't read this every morning then you should, unless I know you, because then we won't have anything new to talk about with each other.

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