Sunday, 21 April 2013

Some beautiful pictures of Spring in the Square

These are some serene images from the early morn last week in Philly. This is Rittenhouse Square, one of the five squares in Philly.

It is a beautiful part of the city, surrounded by Parisian-style bistros with al fresco seating, allowing you to eat oysters and watch people walk their dogs in the park. There are several museums and galleries in this little space: CFEVA, the Print Center, the Philadelphia Art Alliance, and the Curtis Institute to name a few. There is also the friendliest Starbucks in the world.

Philadelphia has an important place in US history, as does Boston. I've only been to Boston once, but it is a fantastic city - it is to Philly what Edinburgh is to Glasgow. And today, while I may be in Philly, my thoughts are with those in Boston affected by yesterday's tragic events, and with the first responders, who always bring back my faith in humanity.

Edit: I since realized that this part of Philly is known as the French Quarter. That certainly explains the European style al fresco dining!

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