Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Supplements (and Sunday Puppy too)

The Sunday puppy? She knows where it's at. It's dank, muggy and gross outside, and she's lying on the cold tile floor, right where the air conditioning is. This is her business card: If you need a napping consultant, she's the one.

As for me? Well, between work for clients, writing proposals, volunteering at the soup kitchen, here's what I've been up to!


Wendy Davis filibuster the Texas State Senate -  Excellent journalism from the Texas Tribune, and the best piece of political theater since Aaron Sorkin wrote the words "Walk with me…"

I was one of the 150k people around the world who watched it live: US state politics at its most, er, American?


Abandoned Schools in Philadelphia - Sometimes people, photographers included, question the value of urban exploration photography. Why trespass in abandoned and sometimes dangerous places for the sake of photography? These photos are different. They show what's been happening to the Philadelphia public school system, and drive a very strong point.

Dogs dressed as their owners - Slightly surreal, but I'm very tempted to do a mash-up of my husband and the Sunday puppy. Just wait until I brush up my Photoshop skills…!

Mothers' real bodies - This is truly admirable. 

Lazer is short - A really cute booklet a father made as a favor for guests to his daughter's birthday. I can already think of mine: "Sunday Puppy is lazy…"


Candid thoughts on bloggers' "perfect" lives - From blogger Delightfully Tacky.

Let's be clear - blogging has many faces. We all know that right? And one part of that is marketing. It's just like magazines, which have a mixture of promotional material and solid content. The tricky thing in blogging is to get that balance right.

As I said in a comment on this piece - 'perfect' picture are common: Promotion means showing the best of something, plus it's natural to want to capture our best moments. It's the reason we hire professional photographers for weddings and not moments of sickness or sadness.

Don't let it wind you up or bog you down - there's a blog out there you'll enjoy, for sure.


And on that matter, here's a bit of promotion. A dear friend of mine is starting a boutique fashion company. She's really excited to get started, but she needs your help! Please take a moment to complete this Five Question Survey. It's super quick, and your input will be really appreciated! Please feel free to pass it along to any fashion-conscious friends too.

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