Tuesday, 4 June 2013

(Tuesday) puppy and (Tuesday) currently!

I was going to name this post the usual Sunday Puppy, but that'd be such a blatant lie and you'd all call me out on it, and that would just be embarrasing.

So, moving on swiftly, here's a quick rundown of what the Gladley household have been up to, with some bonus puppy pictures to distract you.


My sister in law graduate. I filmed the exact moment, repeated it on a loop, and uploaded it to Facebook. We watch her walking from one end of the stage to the other and graduate over and over again. Hey, it makes me laugh!


The Philly Mural Arts tour. I was recently featured on the Philly Love Notes blog exclaiming my love for the Philadelphia murals. You should check it out - the photos are mine too, and you can tell I took them last Thanksgiving.

Historic photographs as social media style #selfies. I guess that's one way to get the attention of the yoof generation.


A heartwarming tale about an American hero fighting against the odds in one of Britain's oddest annual traditions. I have to say that Buzzfeed is very clever in the way it tells its stories. For instance, check out their run down of Eurovision compared to mine. It's everything I wanted to say but couldn't.

Anyway, I will get back into reading all of your blogs too in due course. I took another social media break because ironically, working in social media cuts into my social media for pleasure time!

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