Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thriftbag Thursday

Not all thrifted items are equal. There are those that are picked up on a whim for a tasty bargain. There are those that are gifted. There are those that are diligently hunted.

And there are those that are created.

Thrifting is not just about buying cheap second-hand goods, it's also about using the resources available to you to create, do and be something magical.

My sister-in-law is a fashion student specializing in accessories, shoes and handbags. This marvelous hat was a piece of coursework that she created for me, knowing that I'd definitely use it.

She's currently entered some fabulous pieces into a shoe design competition. These babies are my favorite and I hope you'll give them five stars (it only takes a second to vote). Not only are they utterly gorgeous, but I think they would be the perfect complement to this hat. Don't you think it'd be the sweetest outfit?

And maybe if her shoes win,
I'll be able to buy a pair.

Another brilliant gift from my talented knitty friend.
She sells this pattern so you can knit your own.

Earrings:  Cookie and Buster
Yes, really!
If you think you recognize the hat, it may be because I wore it the day I arrived in the USA to start my new life. I didn't have a hat box, so I had to wear it on my journey over to keep it safe.

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