Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nifty Fifty in the City - unedited photos of New York

Since moving to the USA, living within a(n almost) commutable distance from New York City is a reality for me.

I know New York very well, better even than my husband who lived this short distance from it for most of his life. Philadelphia and New York have a similar rivalry to that of Glasgow and Edinburgh - cultural, native, sporting, jovial with an edge of cynicism.

My sister in law needed to pick up some things from the fashion district in midtown Manhattan, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out my new lens - a nifty fifty.

I'm not happy with how my photos turned out, but I've left them largely unedited except for the black and white ones. I'd only ever used my lovely large Sigma until now. Learning how to frame, focus and light with the standard 50mm is a fun challenge. And if it means more trips to NY to perfect my pictures, well that's okay too.

Empire State building
tick tock diner Manhattan NY

NY yellow cab Manhattan
what looks like some creepy face…
Mid-town Manhattan
Empire State at night
Film Noir at the back of Macy's, NY
New York Skyline
Manhattan Skyline
Taking low light photos with this lens is a dream.
I used to love Satan's Laundromat, which was a New York photoblog. What are your favorite photoblogs?


  1. To be honest, I don't follow many photoblogs because it's really hard to find a good, original one. I know only a little bit of photography but I can tell when a photo is well done or not and yours are amazing, specially the ones with low light, Im loving the results and laughing at the creepy face!

  2. Great photos. They make me want to visit NYC again :)