Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thriftbag Thursday

 Sweater/Jumper: Urban Outfitters
This is seriously ancient
and misshapen but I love 
the jersey with lace sleeves. 

Spaceman helmet: My husband's old toy

Boots: Aldo (UK not USA)
Also ancient and
they've been re-soled a few times.

Tights: Target
They're actually gray 
so you're not missing much

Skirt: Thrifted/home-made…
Last week I said this skirt was a whole other story. 
 I made it a long time ago from an old festival t-shirt.

I can't remember I did this directly from the book Generation T, or if I adapted a simple version of one of their skirts. If you have a closet full of old t-shirts I recommend this book.

I doubt you could get away with wearing most of their creations in a workplace setting, but when I wear this skirt inside out I know I'm rock n roll on the inside (literally).

On another note, last week Selena suggested I do some photo tutorials here on the Glad Blog and I thought about combining the Thriftbag feature with some super basic photo tutorials. It'd be an extension of the Photo Geekery from 12 Days of Gladness but we'd start right with the basics.

I know Kitty and Buck has photography tutorials, and many other blogs do them, but I thought it'd be fun to use my own photos so you can see how I took them. 

What do you think? And what would I call a feature combining Thriftbag and Photo Geekery? Let me know below!
I'll shine some light on taking your own manual photos. It'll be, er, out of this world.


  1. That helmet is so cool!! I really like this set up and shoot, it feels so mysterious and... well, otherworldly!
    I would totally love to see how you set something like this up! I say this as someone who 110% relies on natural light, but is finding it too damn cold out for outfit photos. Help meeee!


    1. If only I had a ray gun to go with it right? ;)

      Essentially these photos were achieved using an unfinished basement, a cupboard light from Home Depot or somewhere, and a tripod. But I'll definitely do short pieces on 'don't be afraid to use an internal flash'.

  2. I love the idea of turning an old tee into a skirt- i'll have to try and remember that myself. Plus that helmet is awesome!

    1. Seriously check out Generation T, it's full of fun projects using t-shirts. I made a dress out of t-shirts once. And I wore it to a formal dinner.

  3. Yay!! I'm so excited that you are considering the photo tutorials! I think I've taken 6 pictures total on manual. Clueless!

    And I loved your comment on my little tirade yesterday. I can't WAIT to hear your rebuttal. I can't tell you how many times I drove my car from one shop to another in a shopping center. But in Texas it's because it was 108 degrees and my shoes would stick to the blacktop.

    I love this week's pictures!


    1. Aaaah, you are excused in 108 degree Texan weather! But yeah, I think a rebuttal from a Brit wil be funny, especially since I'm so nervous on American roads!

  4. Genius idea with the t-shirt skirt and the set-up of the shoot. I also had to say that it reminds me so much of Daft Punk. I had no idea who they were until I met my Brit, but your shoot just had me smiling because of that! :)