Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Glad Notes: A Matter of Justices

Philadelphia Mural Mile, taken November 2012
If you ever find yourself in the Washington Square region of Philadelphia you'll notice the rainbow street signs. They mark the city's Gayborhood.

Although the signs have been there since 2007, the Gayborhood itself is actually middle-aged. Nearby, within the mural mile, sits this mural named Pride and Progress. You can see the full mural on Google Street View. It's at Spruce St and Juniper St, also known as Elton's Way (again, you can see the street sign on Street View).

Incidentally, in 1975 Elton John released the song Philadelphia Freedom.

This week the US Supreme Court Justices are hearing two cases related to freedom of marriage, cases referring to California's Proposition 8, and (Clinton's) Defense of Marriage Act.

Back in 2002 the British columnist Guy Browning wrote an amusing but poignant piece about what this all boils down to.
Philadelphia Mural Mile, taken November 2012

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