Tuesday, 26 March 2013

An American Come Dine with Me Menu

I recently lamented the lack of Come Dine with Me in my life since I moved to the USA. I know it's standard dine-time TV fodder in the UK, but they teased American audiences by only showing a couple of seasons. My American mom-in-law is still in withdrawal. She loved the crazy menus that the Brits would devise for their unsuspecting guests.

My British mum emailed me the other day to say that the local paper had an ad looking for Come Dine With Me participants in her local area. She thought it'd be hilarious if my mom-in-law applied.

She's not going to, obviously, what with being in the USA. But that didn't stop us from creating a fantasy Come Dine with Me Menu! What would Brits make of this brash American spread?



We'd base the starter on this juicy looking recipe from Cook's Country. It's traditional St Louis barbecued pork, using part of the pig known as Boston Butt. It's not, as I learned, literally the butt, and in the UK it's known as 'pork hand'. 

A slider is just a mini burger, so we'd serve small portions of Boston butt in a mini starter-sized bun: Butt Sliders. 

This would be a perfect introduction to a great US feast, plus the name is almost unbeatable. Imagine what the refined British Come Dine With Me contestants (ahem) would make of it!



Again, this title may flummox the poor imaginary Brits attending our fantasy dinner. I've had this several times and it's always fun to make. Take a can of beer, drink half, shove it up a chicken's butt, and barbecue. The result is deliciously moist BBQ chicken.
There's an element of danger here as British BBQs are often precariously dependent on British weather. The chicken could end up being rain-drenched rather than moist, but we'll take that chance.

I suppose we'd need to serve this with some good sides, such as corn on the cob, a good potato salad, and some dill pickles.


This was chosen simply because its name fits the theme of this dubious sounding menu. There's absolutely nothing dainty about a rich chocolate mass of mud pie, but boy is it indulgent, and ideal to round off this hearty stars n' stripes feast. 

I guess we'd serve it along with some terrible American filter coffee for a truly authentic diner taste.

Okay chaps n gals, how does this sound to you? What would your Come Dine With Me (or dinner party) menu be?

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