Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Supplements (and Sunday puppy too)

Sunday is bath day for the pooch. She hates it, but she's very patient.
Today I had the ultimate plan of not leaving the house, until Mr and the pooch insisted I take them both for a walk. It's been a busy-fantastic week, but here's what we've been up to in between all our working/volunteering/interviewing/networking/commuting and husband/dog-walking…



Good Dog Bar - A grreat Philly dive with grreat food (try the burger stuffed with blue cheese), grreat beer selection, and grreat photos of dogs on the walls - no Sunday Puppy though, so we'll have to change that one day!



Cook's Country and America's Test Kitchen - these shows (which are essentially the same format and same presenters) capture the brilliance of American cuisine with a nerdy scientific twist. American television and American epicuriosity done good.



Ghost Sign Project - You may or may not know that Philadelphia is the city of murals. The Mural Arts Program began as a positive anti-graffiti initiative, and now the city boasts 3000 beautiful public murals. But there is another kind of wall art here in Philly too: Fading painted signs and billboards, displayed on this blog.

Street Type Philly - This week I found myself in a cab to an art deco furniture dealer with four very expensive deco lamps in my possession. Afterwards, as I walked back to center city, I decided I would start a photo tumblr known as 'Corners of Philly', documenting my favorite corners of Philly's aesthetic buildings. I later discovered this beautiful tumblr which combines elements of the Ghost Sign Project and my non-existent tumblr idea. So perhaps I won't.

New York Shitty -  Take a virtual one hour Amtrak trip heading eastwards and you'll find a New York street photography blog on a similar theme. I do love this Hershey kiss, but it's a long way from home.


The Art of Having - An unexpectedly interesting story about closet space by Youth Savage.

How to Travel When Based in the USA - Leaving the UK and the Old World (Europe) behind meant leaving behind the ability to country-hop on a moment's notice. But I can state-hop! This article is a great place for me to start to think about visiting every one of the USA's eclectic 50.

Making the Decision to Move Countries - Too late for me, but if you're thinking about making the leap just like I did, take a peak at this article on Worldette first; it'll help you go through useful decision-making thought processes.

Bath-time's over, back to lazy Sunday puppying.

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