Monday, 13 May 2013

The Great GLadley

Sometimes I just make myself laugh, that's all.

But also I was told that when I moved to America I'd have to learn to sell myself. That is, be able to toot my own horn about my skills and achievements. Apparently Brits are too good at the humble brag and Americans don't get it. If I say I'm no good at something then my US peers are more likely to take it at face value than assume I'm just being modest. Oops.

So I pulled this funky little graphic together on Saturday and sat for a good long while laughing at my own joke. There's so much wrong with it technically (I mean, look at the font I used for "the great" for a start), but hey, that's ok. I'm proud of it!

A while ago I taught myself how to use Illustrator. I also taught myself how to use Inkscape, which is the open source equivalent. Originally nobody cared that I could use Inkscape, although they might now that Adobe is dropping Creative Suite and pushing Creative Cloud onto everyone (Inkscape is free, Adobe is not-free). About half the stuff I do on my blog is Illustrator, the other is Inkscape. Can you tell the difference? Probably not, right?

For a while I've wanted to make Mondays on this blog about all the cool stuff I'm interested in: media, social and online media, culture and cultural policy. You can see February and March's related posts. This blog was never really going to be exclusively about me and my husband (even though he's kinda cool): We just don't bake/craft like those other lifestyle bloggers do, sorry. But you knew that already, right?

Don't worry, there's be the usual expat chat, photos and the occasional recipe (maybe). Sunday Puppy will come back too, I was just distracted by another project at the weekend, which I'll tell you about soon because I think it's pretty great.

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