Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thriftbag Thursday

Even the dog's facial expression got windswept
Jumper/Sweater: Thrifted
Tommy Hilfiger for $4
from the Salvation Army

Necklace and Tights: De ja vu

Skirt: River Island (UK)
Ancient, just ancient.

Coat: House of Fraser (UK)

This is what happens when you take an impromptu walk in the park on a windy day: Almost salvageable photos that lack coherence. It was going to be far too windy (or blowy as us Scots say) to take a tripod, so Mr did his best as usual! 
That's okay, if you're a fan of pictures of girl and dog you'll already be following Katherine at Of Corgis and Cocktails, and her photos are MUCH better.

And as for basic photo tutorials - I think I'll launch in March. I'm going to take it very slowly for you, and hopefully we'll have some fun. The best name I can think of for this feature so far is Glad Rags and Camera Bags.
My bedtime reading at the moment fantastically geeky book about DSLR sensor technology and all the clever gremlins that live inside my magic photobox.

1 comment:

  1. Cute outfit! I especially like the texture on the tights.

    Also, I love your dog's face! That close up picture with a bit of tongue? Adorable! I am absolutely dog crazy. I grew up always having 2 dogs in the household, and can't wait to get my own pup. For now, I just have to spoil my parent's dog when I am home visiting.

    Good luck with your magic photobox studies!